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Yes, you have reached the home of the unmistakeble

“Adeqeatio Rei et Intellectus Theobroma”

Our tasty human-made superfood filled, vibrantly organic, ethically scored raw chocolate elixir chunks par excellence are exclusively made with a fairly high amount of light, quality and unbounded additions of love and laughter…

Our priceless yet accessable human-made delicacies deeply filled with nutrients, anti-oxydants and love chemicals plenty full are as of now ready to order and available at the Superfood Cafe / Mastercare Shop and on the Saturday Farmers Market / Noordermarkt in Amsterdam.

Also good to be aware of the fact that our WildChocolateTribe chunks are constantly blessed by cunning and powerfull human hands and bombarded by everything good and empowering that modern dayTachyon and Orgone crystal technologies have to offer to us; so now you understand why our human-made goodies taste sooo good...

Always wanted to create really tasty chocolate of your own?
Please, look into our WildChocolateTribe workshop possibilities as we appear on private locations, inaugurations, festivals and happenings near you!